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Trying to understand my background…

Hi! I do not know too much about the maternal history of my family but after talking to my mother I discovered my great grandmother was Jewish and raised within the culture but left it to marry a Christian man. I think her family may have cut her off over marrying him??? That being said I am not sure the most recent family member that was Orthodox but I do know they were partially ethnically Jewish as my grandmother’s genealogy test came back as 2% Ashkenazi and my great grandmother was raised as a Jewish woman and claimed it. Looking into family history doesn’t do much as all I know is the surname was Frankman(sp?), her name was Dorothy, and they were Bavarian. My grandmother considers herself Christian to my knowledge but studies the Torah, keeps mostly kosher, and I grew up observing some Jewish religious days such as Yom Kippur and Passover.

I do not want to claim anything that is not mine to claim but I do want to understand more of my background in a respectful way. I do not know if I can claim Judaism and am not very religious but if I do have valid ties to it I really want to learn more about it as it would be a part of me. I know this is a chaotic mess but since learning this small piece of my background I haven’t stopped thinking about it and want to remain as respectful as possible and not insert myself into a culture that may not be mine. Thank you!!

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