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Trying to prove my Jewishness is exhausting as a poc Jewish person

I have been trying to deal with this my whole life. I was raised Jewish by my mother who is culturally Jewish due to how it works where I live (it’s a whole thing and can explain later if needed) I have had Christianity shoved down my throat the first half of my life and finally my mom was able to practice freely after moving to a diff country. I went to a very white synagogue where I was constantly probed about how Jewish I was and honestly I didn’t mind it because at the end of the day they gave me community and that’s all you need. Now as an adult when ppl see my Star of David and then see my partner who “looks” Jewish they assume I either converted or is just practicing for his sake. I know it shouldn’t bother me and for the most part it doesn’t but I went to a wedding where the bridesmaid kept probing me about my necklace and if I even know how important it is and when I told her I’m Jewish she scoffed and said “but are you really? Tell me your heritage, i didn’t even know there were Jews that side of the world “ I honestly just froze and changed the subject. Is this how my kids lives are gonna be? No matter where they go if they aren’t white presenting they are going to keep answering these stupid questions for the rest of their lives ? Also what do I even tell these ppl to shut them up because explaining my heritage makes it worse.

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