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Trying To Plan A Jewish Wedding Without Ever Having Been to One

My fiancée and I are in a same sex relationship, we’re marrying next year. Their parents like me but aren’t supportive enough to come to our wedding which has been quite painful. My fiancée comes from a mixed Sephardic background and has very little knowledge of their culture because their mum was always quite secretive and private about it and wanted to assimilate in the US. That side of the family is effectively estranged. My side of the family are very supportive and love my partner though.

Were trying to plan a Jewish wedding for next year. I’m an in progress Jew-by-choice, I’m from Ireland and have never even been to a Jewish wedding. My partner also has very little experience with this considering the family situation. We’re both very shy and introverted people and generally hate fuss, so the idea of teaching my very Irish family, who will already be dying from lack of pork consumption, what seems like 300 new words and the hora gives me hives.

I just feel quite weird and awkward about it since it’s something people people assume I must know how to plan but I’m just a bit baffled. Does anyone have any tips?

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