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Trying to get ‘the spirit’ (continuation from last week)

I posted a query here last week about how I didn’t find ‘the spirit’ in Judaism– meaning, that I did the commandments, but I burned out from lack of spirit (translating ‘spirit’ as the consciousness of “casting ones burdens on the Hashem [so that He will provide].”) I learned here last week that it (not casting my burden on Hashem, etc.) might have to do with my isolation from the Jewish community (doing the commandments in isolation). I also remembered here last week something my mom told me about how our neighbors (I live in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood) just “trust that God will provide” and how I never ‘got’ that– maybe because ‘getting’ that requires being involved with an observant Jewish community. Anyway, while I wait to join an Orthodox community, I wonder if any observant Jew would like to add something that will help me ‘get’ the spirit while I am waiting to get into a Jewish community. By the way, I am not observant now. Thank you.

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