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Trying to become more observant- what objects do you think every observant Jew should have in their home?

Hey all 🙂

Basically exactly what it says- what would it take to make a house as observant as possible? I wasn’t raised Jewish, found out I was Jewish in my 20’s and now that I’m an adult want to become more observant. I regularly go to an Orthodox household and see things like jugs for washing hands and multiple ovens in the kitchen, mezuzah on the doorways and candles that never turn off but have a cover for Shabbat, but I know there’s so much more I don’t see.

I’m also curious about items used for prayers and worship. Outside of a few kippah I wear outdoors and a tallit I don’t have any actual objects or clothing items used for worship.

If I was to make my house and my life more frum, what items would I need to do so? Assume I have zero items because… yeah.

Thanks everyone 🙂

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