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[Trigger Warning] Question—To what extent were skeletons from the Holocaust used in universities for research, and might they still be present in collections?

Forgive me for posting this gory question. But…I recently heard about the fact that at a number of American universities, the skeletons of African American slaves were used for research and a number of large collections of those skeletons still exist at the campuses. The universities are just now beginning to ponder what to do about this.

It got me wondering—could there be Jewish skeletons from people murdered in the Holocaust making up collections at European universities? Or even at American ones that imported skeletons from Europe?

It is widely understood that the Nazis performed gruesome “experiments” on Jewish prisoners for “research” during the Holocaust…but I have not heard about what was done with the remains, and if this was fully resolved after the war.

To what extent are we certain that this didn’t happen? Is this known to have been a thing? If it was, were they properly disposed of after the war…or, Could the skeletons still be present at some universities?

And if it is likely that Jewish skeletons from the Shoah are present in collections, what should be done about it?

I hope this doesnt spook people out so I added the note in the title

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