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"Translating" Stuff For Different Types of Jews

(Full disclosure: This post was inspired by a thread about “Mattathias Maccabee”, which is a title I’d never seen or heard before.)

In my Modern Orthodox shul, “Shabat” and “Shabbos” are used equally. On the other hand, Yeshivish people in my neighborhood will say “Shabat Shalom” to me as a way of dissing me and demonstrating that they think I’m “too modern” for them. Nobody I know says “Sabbath”, though.

Sometimes I feel like I’m speaking a different language than other Jews are speaking. Does anyone else feel that way?

Do you ever find yourself using the Anglicized versions of Hebrew names – or the English translations of Hebrew terms – for people who belong to denominations that don’t use Hebrew as much?

Do you ever find yourself turning English terms and names into Hebrew and Yiddish ones for the benefit of people who don’t use English as much?

Do you ever find yourself changing your pronunciation of Hebrew terms in order to make yourself better-understood by people who pronounce Hebrew differently than you do?

Please share your experiences here.

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