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Traditional Jewish perspectives, Orthodox views, and Psychology.

Just this morning after Shaharit as my Rav was helping me out with something I brought up that my Mother (in the Netherlands) and my Brother (in Canada) offered to fly me to live with them (I currently live in Tzfat), this is due to my long term mental health issues, I made a post on Facebook a while ago on the Gregorian day of the 12th anniversary of my father’s passing, I dealt a lot on how it has impacted my mental health rather significantly (there are other factors than just my father passing away but that was a big one).

So after mentioning that my Brother and my Mother made these offers to help me out, to get a better job and to get Therapy abroad (I’ve been struggling for a long time with the Israeli medical system to get help here, they acknowledge that I need it but they are very slow to help and often delay any appointments) whilst I live with them, my Rav (a great guy generally) went on to tell me that seeing a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist is a complete waste of my time and even unhealthy for me as they would just put me on drugs and call their work done, I tried to tell him that a psychiatrist already suggested that I go for a psychologist because they feel that allI need is to talk to someone, but he insisted that I should just study Torah and Hassidute and I’ll be more than fine with that.

I told him that I avoided seeking mental health care for the first 7 years after my father’s passing and that I just need some help, but he insisted that I continue without it.

I’ve noticed especially here in Tzfat that there is a large cynicism towards a variety of medical care, from my Rav I know that he generally trusts modern medicine but I know a decent number of anti-vaccers here (not all of them religious), a lot of people that have untreated mental health issues (a small minority at the end of the day but more than in many places I’ve been) and generally a lack of trust for modern medicine.

Is there any discussion regarding mental health care in more Traditional sources, is there any in Orthodox sources, and if so what do they say on the matter?

I’ll still be seeking out help from my psychologist, but I just want to know if any of you folk know anything on the matter from a Jewish perspective?

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