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Toronto: Opinions on Reform-ish shuls

Hi all, I just moved back to Toronto after about 15 years. I’m now a late-30s professional with a 1-year-old and looking to join a nice, easygoing shul with a decent sized membership. I’m mostly looking for somewhere my son can grow up in and for me to find community and maybe consider being a bit more observant. I was never really observant as a kid and my parents/extended family are not interested in attending with me; my spouse is not Jewish and I don’t think he has plans to convert, so interfaith-friendly is important. As a professional, it’s tough for me to find time to visit a bunch of shuls and reach out to all the rebbes so I’m hoping to get some good leads.

More details about us:

  • Quite lefty politically but not polarized on Israel (ie, something moderate and thoughtful either way would be what I want)

  • Would be great if they had fun summer camps associated

  • I do speak some Yiddish and would love to go somewhere where that is engaged

  • Live in the East End and don’t have a car, so Thornhill is a bit of a trek (so I assume Danforth is probably a good fit on location alone)

Here’s a few links I’ve been given, so if you have opinions about any of these I’d love to hear them!

Greatly appreciated!

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