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TorahBot 2: The Return (chozer betshuva)

Well it’s been awhile and I decided to bring back /u/TorahBot to the sub.

Hashem knows that in these dark times with the spectre of antisemitism, we need some more Torah in the world.

TorahBot used to only be able to handle Tana”ch references but now it is running a full instance of Sefaria on it so it is more powerful than ever!

You may have seen it in the wild so feel free to test it out here. TorahBot should be able to handle any reference or citation that Sefaria can handle. Yes, your feedback is very welcome.

Note it is still a work in progress and I am working on getting it hosted more robustly.

Currently TorahBot will reply and dedicate the torah to my dear mom who passed away a little over a year ago, but if you would like to have TorahBot dedicate torah in memory or in honor of anyone (or in the continued health of someone), please reply with their Hebrew names and I will add it to TorahBot.

I hope it continues to bring light to the sub and the world. Long live /r/judaism!

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