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Torah tools for dealing with anger

Hi, I have a genuine question: What tools does the Torah give to a person to use while they are in an angry state? I have heard in the past that “anger” is comparable to ‘serving idols’; and it was explained that is because an angry person doesn’t see that the event was orchestrated by Hashem. But I have felt angry in the past, while knowing that the event was what Hashem had wanted. I had wanted to learn how to calm down, while knowing that Hashem has given me a valid reason to be angry. Where is a good place where the Torah teaches a person how to recalibrate after having gotten angry.

I know that if I look for this answer in secular sources, the mental health field has answers. I’m looking for a Torah perspective.

(I also had questions, like, Moshe Rabbeinu got angry; but I was answered that he got punished for that. I also wanted to ask, but Hashem got angry, why wasn’t He considered an idol-worshipper, but I hadn’t had the courage to ask.)

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