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Torah learning for Hebrew school dropouts

My mother stopped taking me to Hebrew school when I was seven years old and for years I’ve wanted to go back and learn what I would have learned if I had gone through to Bar Mitzvah. My temple has Hebrew school for the kids and teenagers, and has Torah learning classes for adults that are mostly populated by retirees who already know Torah and want to gather to discuss, but I’m lost in these conversations, as I never got a basic Jewish education. I’ve started going to an online class that discusses the weekly parashot, but still, I feel like I’m missing the fundamentals. These classes are drop-in classes where the rabbi gives a drosh on some particular aspect of the parsha. They’re interesting, but I still feel like I’m lacking something cohesive. I’ve tried out a couple different parasha podcasts, but they only reference the text briefly and cover some little interesting tidbit from it. I go to Saturday services regularly, but my Rabbi also just references the text and then talks about whatever she wants to talk about (mostly the war, in I/P, if I’m honest). I’ve also started reading Torah from the beginning, which I hope will help fill in the gaps. Does anyone have any suggestions for classes geared towards middle-aged adults seeking some fundamental learning they missed out on in childhood?

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