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Token ‘rabbi’ in new reality game show is actually a Christian

My dad and I stafted watching the premier episode of a new show called ‘Survive the Raft’. The premise, which feels like it was dug out of a reality TV time capsule from 20 years ago, is to aggregate a group of people with obviously contrasting beliefs, and put them on a little boat in the Pacific for 3 weeks.

They’re coming at fomenting division from a few different angles, one of which is religion: according to the intro, the cast includes a Christian pastor, a Texas rabbi, and an observant Muslim. I was genuinely excited to see the rabbi, so you can imagine my dismay when the little montage showed him performing an obvious baptism. So I googled his name, and guess what his ‘shul’ is called? Temple Messiah Echad. The man is a Christian.

My dad and I were shocked! Do you think the producers didn’t know the difference? Have you ever seen a Messianic passed off as a Jew on tv?

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