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Today I learned that r/Documentaries is a Jew-hating subreddit

A post from there popped up on my phone, I watched the semi-propaganda video by the lovely people at VOX and then went to the comments.

It had the usual suspects, the “white American girl with Muslim friends”, the “let’s just throw this propaganda any cry how oppressed I’m when people call me out”, and the random Europeans that think that all human beings on earth are the same as Europeans.

I was somewhat respectable, way more than the people that I replied to, then the mods came, removed most of my replies, and ignored completely the comments that I replied to which are pure propagandaJew-hatingor just general bs.

And they banned me from that subreddit, when I went to appeal the ban the mod just took my reply out of context, ignored everything that I said on the appeal, and just gave me a temp mute.

Then the craziest s* happened, I got a warning from Reddit for “encouraged or glorified violence or physical harm” on a reply to the most Jew-hating comment on the entire thread which is still up there.

My comment mentioned the fact that Gaza’s civilians dragged Israelis bodies to Gaza on Oct 7th.(This is an undeniable fact, there is countless evidence of it from Hamas cameras and CCTV cameras.)

Then I went to look at this subreddit and it’s extremely one-sided how tf Reddit allow this behavior from a subreddit with 20.4M users?…

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