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To what extent are people with autism obligated to do everything correctly according to halacha?

First off; I know this is an ask your LOR question – I will do next week 🙂

I am just curious if anyone has dealt with this in the meantime.

I’m autistic and live alone, I struggle to do a lot of things alone like eat consistently. I’m new to being religious and this is my first time not eating chametz for Pesach. In trying to make my kitchen kosher, combined with my difficulties in cooking/ feeding myself anyway, I’ve gone all week not eating much. I started crying earlier because I really just can’t figure out how to eat properly. So far I have been 100% kosher for passover so I’m going to stick it out, but honestly 2 days I only ate matza and cream cheese. I feel really bad and struggle with food anyway, kosher and now kosher for pesach is making things really really difficult and I can’t express how much I’m struggling

Anyway I will ask my rabbi and stick it out til the end of Pesach, but I won’t really be eating much until then. I have fruit matza and yoghurt.

I would appreciate any opinions/ thoughts / experiences which may be related to this, thank you

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