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To wear, or not to wear a Kippah as a secular non-observant Jewish person?

My maternal grandparents were both Ashkenazi Jewish; Grandmother from Germany and Grandfather from England. They moved to the US in the early 1900’s. I understand that it follows that my mother was Jewish, therefore I am Jewish.

My fathers’ side of the family was Native American mixed with Scottish.

I have been exploring my cultures. My spouse is Jewish as both his parents were Jewish.

I know the religious significance, at least a little bit, of wearing a Kippah, but as a non-observant, secular person, is there any cultural significance to wearing a Kippah?

My spouse and I are in the early planning stages of a 2 week trip to Israel, and I intend on wearing a kippah while there, as does my spouse.

I am also looking into the rite of mikvah and would like to know it’s purpose and what is involved.


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