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To our Non-Jewish Allies – Simple way to help.

If you are an ally to the Jewish people who do not wish to be slaughtered, PLEASE take the time to educate people online (and in person) who are trying to make this a two-sides issue.

Here are some helpful details. Feel free to copy and paste if it helps:

There are far too many peopl whose view of the situation is warped and completely counter-factual.In 2005 Israel departed Gaza entirely – leaving behind infrastructure.

The Gazans voted in Hamas whose PRINTED CHARTER is to kill all Jews anywhere. the majority of Gazans supported it’s mandate. and I quote….” The time(16) will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: 0 Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! “

Israel, not wanting, I dunno…to be slaughtered, put up a fence and began restricting who came in to Israel and tried to prevent items that can be used to kill Jews from being brought in. Hamas used humanitarian shipments to make weapons (water pipes for rockets, cement for attack tunnels) instead of taking care of their own. (Go – google it)

Hamas still tried and succeeded in killing Jews. Israel tried limited military incursions.

Didnt help.

Realize that if at any time Hamas just decided to have peace with Israel, you know, just say, “heck with this, lets just let Israel alone” – there would be peace the next day.

What some people dont yet understand is that HAMAS is ISIS, except they live right next door to the people they want to wipe off the planet.

Beheaded babies, mass raped and slaughtered festival goers, children burned alive, toddler hostages held in chicken cages, parents murdered in front of children and the children taken hostage, entire villages mass slaughtered, parents, children, elderly, babies. Hamas did ALL of these last weekend.

Hamas headquarters is IN A HOSPITAL – because they want to use the infirm as human shields. (Go, google it)

Some people ask – ‘What choice did they have?

What CHOICE did they have?? What choice?? To stop working on massacring all Jews on earth. Easy choice.

Anyone both-sidesing this thing is supporting ISIS plain and simple. If they are doing it out of sympathy, then I understand that perhaps they just dont know enough about the reality, but you can help them know the fects…..

If you are an ally reading this, please take the time to educate people online and in person to these facts and help them stop supporting what is may be the most vile one-day act of barbarity in recorded history.

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