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To my Jewish friends, your perspective be on 1 Samuel 15 in the Tanakh involving the Amalekites?

So I’m coming from a Christian perspective but I am curious to know what the Jewish view on these passages are. Because when speaking of Amalek, in Jewish commentaries I have seen a lot of discussion on Deuteronomy 25’s command to “blot out Amalek” since it’s in the Torah.

But I have not seen as many commentaries on 1 Samuel 15:3 specifically. I understand in the Jewish point of view that Amalek’s memory specifically(not necessarily the people) was to be “blotted out” for the crimes they committed against the Jews after the Exodus. But why do you think the Hebrew scriptures in 1 Samuel 15 when restating the command says “you are to put men and woman, children and infants” to death? It’s a difficult passage and I’m curious as to what your perspective would be on this.

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