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To Be A Jew

I have a friend who is a gay Christian Israeli. We met when I was in yeshiva in israel. We bonded over religion, our experiences in the lgbt community, and through Ohr various life experiences and common hobbies and goals.

Fine. Great.

The war happened and we got into a a bit of a spiff about what is a jew. I explained the facts, he ignored it, we moved on. Then a few weeks ago I felt it was time to make up and we did. Catching up, bickering the likes you do with a friend. Today he asked me a few questions:

“Judaism is a religion, sure, but some pple claim its not merely a religion… However, my take on it is: * its clearly not not a race cuz u have black jews, white jews etc… * its also not exactly an ethnicity cuz a slavic jew, germanic jew and arab jew have no language or culture in common

The only thing it could then be is basically bloodline, meaning pple who are descendents of abraham… But then to that my question is, so?

Like, lets say im a descendent of abraham… i dont see what it means other than jst that…(a.k.a nothing, to me at least)

And also, it seems like israel, as a state, arbitrarily decides who is jewish…it used to be if ur great grandparents was but now its jst grandparents…

The crusaders would not see me as jewish but hitler probably would… but what even is that?”

I explained clearly, using Roots Metals posts with scholarly evidence and some posts from here to explain why being Jewish can be an ethnicity and a religion.

I will paste some of his comments after clearly explaining it all:

  1. “I dont discredit…but i demand a deeper explanation if the state of israel is gonna descriminate over the term “jewish” and arbitrarily decide who is or isnt…”

  2. “No u personally lol” (him responding to me when I rebutted his “demand.”)

  3. “And from what i read i can conclude that judaism perhaps used to be an ethnic group but isnt anymore.”

  4. “And i persoally dont bond with pple over ancient things that happened a gazillion years ago”

  5. “Ur telling me u feel a connection to some random jewish guy in russia cuz ur great great great great great great great great great great great ×5 great grandparent had some shared things in common?”

A friend just told me “what do you expect, he isn’t Jewish?” And I hate that response. I hate that not only do non-Jews ostracize ourselves but we might need to force that ostracization onto ourselves.

Why is this ok? I’m so beyond tired with this crap.

Vent finished.

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