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Tisha b’Av Megathread

This is the megathread for the fast day תשעה באב.

This is NOT in any way meant to limit the number of sad and fast posts standing alone in the sub.

However, wherever, and with whomever you’re going to not eat, you won’t be alone for this most sorrowful day of the year. Ask questions and share ideas here to help your fellow Jews remember and reflect on the tragedies of our people in appropriate ways.

The Ninth of Av starts this year at sunset on Wednesday, July 26 and runs until dark on Thursday, July 27. On haLuakh haIvri, it all happens on . . . 09 Av.

The Fast of Av commemorates a handful of significant tragedies of Jewish history, primarily the destruction of both Temples. The day is the conclusion of the three-week mourning period, Bein haMetzarim, which began on Tzom Tammuz.

In addition to the destruction of the First (Solomon’s) Temple by Nebuchadnezzar (leading to the Babylonian Exile) and the Second (Ezra’s) Temple by the Romans (more exile!), the day also marks when:

  • the report of the spies (minus Joshua and Caleb) Moshe sent into Canaan caused panic amongst the people. For not trusting God in the quest for the Holy Land, the generation is barred from entering the land;
  • the defeat of Bar Kokhba’s revolt by the Romans and the destruction of Betar and a massacre of Jews; and
  • further destruction of the Temple grounds by the Romans following Bar Kokhba’s revolt.

There are other, more recent events, starting with the First Crusade and coming as recently as 2005 (depending who you ask) that are also mourned on Tisha b’Av, including many that happened on or near the date itself, such as us getting exiled from various European countries over the centuries as well as significant events during the Shoah.

NOTE: Do NOT ask if you should fast based on medical or personal issues. Contact your favorite medical professional and your rabbi. No one here will be able to tell you what you should do aside from that.

Some resources to introduce the holiday:

These links were from a quick consultation with Rav Google (and just knowing some good resources). There are other sources for Tisha b’Av out there: contact your local Jewish person/synagogue/community center for more information on local practice.

If you have any resources to add to the list, please share below.

We are all in this together, and will be together again next year, in Jerusalem.

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