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Timeline of the Torah: Parashat Noah. Request for biur/question

This past Shabbas we read the story of Noah as laid out in Parashat Noah. The Torah gives the ages of the main characters as follows:

Noah was 500 years old when he fathered his sons:

״והיה נח בן חמש מאות שנה ויולד נח-את שם-חם-ויפת״

Abraham was 570 when he left Heran

“ואברהם בן חמש מאות ושבעים שנה בצאתו מחארן

The world, according to tradition, is 5780 years old. It appears that only Noah and Abraham (not including Moses, Solomon, David, and the entire period from the destruction of the Temple till today) had lived through about a fifth of the time the world existed. This begs the question:

What is the Judaism’s view (according to Halacha or Kabalah) regarding the age of the universe, and how should I make sense of the ages of Biblical prophets as written in the Torah, according to Judaism?

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