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Time Travel, a Jewish Idea: Menachot 29b

A quick Google search yields results claiming that the concept of time travel in writing originated with Dickens or Wells. But over a millennium earlier, we recorded an aggadic tradition of time travel.

Aggadah means non-halachic or non-legally-binding material that comes from Torah. Sometimes we interpret aggadah metaphorically, but often we just read it and move on, because it is usually outside halacha.

But if you’re an academic or writer, remember that time travel comes from Judaism. Let’s take credit for it.

“Moses said before God: Master of the Universe, show him to me. God said to him: Return behind you. Moses went and sat at the end of the eighth row in Rabbi Akiva’s study hall and did not understand what they were saying. Moses’ strength waned, as he thought his Torah knowledge was deficient. When Rabbi Akiva arrived at the discussion of one matter, his students said to him: My teacher, from where do you derive this? Rabbi Akiva said to them: It is a halakha transmitted to Moses from Sinai. When Moses heard this, his mind was put at ease, as this too was part of the Torah that he was to receive.”

שבת שלום Gut shabbos!

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