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Tikkun olam

Is it supposed to be joyful? If so, how?

Sometimes I feel like a Debbie downer, liking all the social justice-y stuff on social media that subsequently ends up on my friends’/acquaintances’ feeds. I’ve had some associates “unfollow” me, and I suspect their disaffection results from an aversion to progressivism.

It seems like most people of the American electorate dislikes hearing about how the world sucks and needs fixing. Especially in conservative communities like mine (referring to my lowercase “c” conservative geography).

I certainly feel like a downer when I bring attention to these causes. Even on here, when people bring up certain non-Jewish social justice causes, some people get rankled (eg “Who cares? It doesn’t have anything to do with most of us.”)

But I feel an obligation (eg chosenness) to help fix the world and to support the most vulnerable populations.

What do you think?

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