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Thoughts on this idea/could it be perceived as offensive?

I have a “side hustle” making arts and crafts and selling them. One thing I do is create cartoonish figurines and theme them for different events around the year. Around Christmas I make these figurines wearing Christmas hats/Reindeer antlers/etc. and sell them. I thought this time around I’d make these same figurines and have them also be dressed in a Hanukkah theme as well as a Christmas theme, to be available for more audiences.

I thought I could make these cartoonish figurines holding menorahs, dreidels and other things related to Hanukkah, would people like that or could they find that offensive (for one because the figurines are silly/cartoonish looking while wearing religious/traditional articles, and also because I could get something inaccurate/wrong)? I do not actually sell any Christianity-themed ones, only Christmas-themed ones (no Bibles or traditional Christian articles, etc.) so I could see how that’s a bit different too. Also, is it considered offensive for someone not practicing the religion to make these? I do actually have Jewish heritage but was raised agnostic and I’m not involved in any community at all, I’ve only researched it online.

I may be overthinking, but I’m not always the most socially aware person so I don’t want to do something stupid that will offend people.

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