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Thoughts on “The Zone of Interest?” (Spoilers about movie in post)

This is the new film on the day-to-day life of Rudolf Hoss, the most well-known commandant of Auschwitz-Birkenau, and his family.

It feels like this could be a seminal film on the Holocaust, but because going in blind besides MAYBE knowing the vaguest premise is so important to the conceit… idk how to effectively recommend it to anyone.

It’s a film that rewards you for knowing Holocaust history. Recognizing parts of the early subtle phrasing like “KL” and small symbols.

The building and building I thought was brilliant until we get to some of the most explicit lines really got to me: * “Relax. He won’t put them all up the chimney. You’ll get your workers.” * “I could have my husband spread your ashes among the Babice.” (Which I thought referred to a river but is the region, saying that she’d burn in the crematoria and then as ash settle anywhere) * “Really I was just thinking how I’d gas everyone in that room. High ceilings, it’s very different.”

The experience in the theater overwhelmed me a little and it’s left me a bit messed up.

What have those of you who’ve seen it thought?

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