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Thoughts on Germany’s current views on circumcision?

Thoughts on Germany's current views on circumcision?

It’s a German language article about the head of a state’s pediatrics association. He basically declines to circumcise children and young males without a medical reason and goes to say that even in the latter case he would not recommend it and prefer ointments for phimosis (foreskin too tight).

The whole discussion around it is one-sided (and very large, also weird people became so obsessed with the genitals of young boys…) as most of Germany along with the rest of Europe is uncircumcised unless they’re Muslim or Jewish.

As I’m circumcised since a young age myself I’m quite shocked however at some of the labels being thrown around. Because according to popular posters you’re apparently heavily mutilated and your parents are backwards criminals that should lose custody if you’re cut.

Some quite distinctively mention Judaism as well with some low-key antisemitic comments. There’s Jews against circumcision being mentioned, which I didn’t even know was a thing and it’s pointed out by many that circumcision isn’t included within religious liberties and Jews themselves are increasingly discouraging it.

This is all new to me since I thought circumcision is almost 100% mandatory in Judaism can these opinions be believed?

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