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Thoughts on Christian Child Abuse

Hello all,

It’s currently 1 am and I have been having deep (I hope) thoughts. I was raised by fundamentalist Christian parents, but I mostly lost my faith at 16 and have considered myself an atheist since 18. I am 26 now and have had a long fascination with Judaism, but that is a different discussion. The point of this post is as follows: I believe that the Chistian concept of hell often contributes to child abuse in Christian families (I know I am not the first). Telling a child that questioning faith or misbehaving will result in burning eternally in fire is terrifying, and it terrified me for many years. It also stifles discussion or debate. I never brought up my true feelings or questions to my parents because it inevitably resulted in overreaction and crying. “My son is on the way to eternal torment!” thought my mom, and there was no reasoning with that.

The situation above is one of the many reasons I came to respect Judaism. Jewish people have a much more open minded and questioning attitude. Christians easily devolve into condescending self-righteousness. They’re mission is to “save” you, after all.

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