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Thoughts on a Reform Jew wearing a Kippah?

As a Reform Jew, I’ve always felt a desire to introduce wearing a kippah into my daily life. Whether it be a reminder to me to act accordingly in daily life, represent Jews in a positive light, or to be more halakhah(ly) observant (strange coming from a Reform Jew, I know).

However, as someone who is not unilaterally halakhal(ly) observant, my fears are on how what I might be doing could be seen as disrespectful to the more observant Conservative/Orthodox communities. I don’t follow kashrut 100%, although I maintain a vegetarian diet, I don’t keep Shabbat 100%, although I observe it in my own personal way (focus on study, rest, avoid going out etc.).

For me, although my views align more with Reform Judaism, I wouldn’t want to put myself in a position where I am publicly disregarding commonly respected laws which may in turn upset a fellow Jew or cause a gentile to view me negatively (chillul hashem?).

Whilst I don’t believe it would be in a manner that would be serious, even small things such as taking public transport to my shul for Shabbat, being out and about outside an eruv on Shabbat, or shopping in non-Kosher shops for food, whilst wearing a Kippah, would be something that I am currently self-conscious about.

I would just be interested to hear views from the more observant among you as to how you might view someone in my position, and whether or not you would be critical of my actions were I to try and wear a kippah more often.

Thank you for any help in advance, shavua tov!

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