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Thoughts on a gift for a Jewish friend

Well, really a mentee, but I owe this girl a great deal and I hope we can call each other friends when she graduates. Let’s call her “K”.

Hey everyone – I’m a PhD student and an undergraduate that I’ve supervised for a long time is graduating soon. K was absolutely vital to my finishing my master’s degree on time and I want to express some gratitutde. I actually had two students – her and one other. The other student I bought a custom hammer from a local blacksmith (blacksmithing is something the two of us have in common and how we met).

K is not in to blacksmithing. She tried it once or twice and liked it, but didn’t really take it up the way the other student did. The same blacksmith I bought the hammer from happens to be a first generation immigrant from Israel who makes some Judaica among the hammers and other tools. Would something like a Yad Torah handmade by a local Jewish blacksmith be a good gift for a devoutly Jewish student, or would that be weird?

Thanks all. I hope this is a reasonable question

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