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Thoughts I’m keeping to myself for a long time

I’m Jewish but not American.

  1. I wonder why so many American Jews have white guilt and act like they are not also Jewish.

  2. It seems like the suffering of Jews (a minority) is not included in the left, and that American/European Jews are completely OK with that and don’t raise up their voice when there is something wrong going on. Even when Jews raise up their voice in the west it’s not loud.

  3. I lived in Berlin for a couple of years and I can tell Jews there were completely unwilling to admit that there are wrong things happening and it frustrated me… It seems to me like it’s a problem in the whole west where Jews can give up their identity in order to be a part of society but then they are not willing to side with Jewish issues from a Jewish perspective and for such a low price they forget what was the situation of Jews until not long time ago.

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