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Thought for Yom Kippur

Tonight we will all be standing in shul-Kol Nidrei-the annulment of our vows. I was puzzling over why do we need to annul our vows, first of all, we have done this already before RH, and secondly, its a bit of a strange time to be doing this- on the holiest day of the year, the first thing we do is to annul our vows?

The answer is that it is not merely a “annulment of vows” ceremony. If we look a bit deeper at it we can see the high spiritual message contained within. What is a Neder, a vow? Something that ties you back to the past. Words have effects and once said something, it is not a simple matter to break free from what was said. The neder binds you back to the past, perhaps even limiting the future.

This is what Kol Nidrei is about, the ability to move on, leave the past behind, and look forward to the future. Anything that was hurting you last year, someone who you feel you can’t be moichel, leave. Move on.

Fast well and may all your prayers be answered!

Gmar Chasima Tova.

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