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Those who stayed

I’m not sure what to call them, but I’ve been thinking about them a lot this year. The Jewish people who stayed in their countries despite repression, pogroms, hate. I think of it when I meet an Ashkenazi Jew from Europe– their family stayed up until WW2 and even after. I think of it when I meet a Russian Jew or hear of Jewish people still in Iran. . Did they have a choice to leave and chose to stay? Did they think it would get better?

My family never stayed, as far as I know. Things start to get bad, and they’re out. Our history is a story of migrations and renewal. I feel that maybe this makes me different from those who stayed. I’m not as hard or as resilient, and I feel I’m always searching.

Do you have these feelings too? Do you think of your family’s Jewish history and the individual choices they made and how it still affects us today

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