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This passed year, I’ve found that I’ve been more proud than ever to be a Jew.

I’m not the lost religious person out there, and I find myself mixing a lot of Jewish and Hindu beliefs for my approach to life, but this recent year, even before October, I’ve found that I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been with identifying as a Jew. I was comfortable before, but it’s more so now. I feel excited to teach people things about Judaism (when they ask respectfully). Even when October struck, yes I was a bit scared, but I sprung back quickly, finding the humor in how Jews haven’t died no matter how hard others have tried. Even when I see antisemitism online, I can’t help but humor myself because of how absurd a lot of the claims are.

The best part is that, despite me adopting many Hindu beliefs the past year, I only feel stronger to Judaism, largely because Judaism is accepting of other religions and allows digressing from texts somewhat if it means one is happy and a better person from doing so.

It’s a bit hard right now, but Jews have a history of bouncing back!

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