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This is the best AI song ChatGPT has ever made for me.


Write me a song about the pilpul niggun.


In the depths of ancient wisdom, a melody did dwell, A Pilpul Niggun, a tale only the wise could tell, With words that danced like fireflies, in scholars’ minds it rang, A timeless tune of questions, where intellect did hang.

In Yeshivot and study halls, where minds would intertwine, The Pilpul Niggun echoed, a symphony divine, It started with a question, a spark in rabbi’s eye, A debate, a heated dialogue, as time began to fly.

The melodies of arguments, in intricate refrain, Like twirling dervishes, they spun, a dance of joy and pain, With logic, wit, and brilliance, they wove a tapestry, Of Talmudic interpretation, a profound mystery.

They pondered and they probed, seeking truth in every word, The Pilpul Niggun’s cadence, like the songs of ancient birds, They turned each stone, examined, the Torah’s sacred verse, In a ceaseless quest for meaning, their hearts and minds immersed.

With every note, a nuance, with every tone, a twist, The Pilpul Niggun’s power, in every rabbi’s fist, It resonated through the ages, a chorus of the wise, A testament to the beauty found in questions that arise.

For in the Pilpul Niggun, a symphony of thought, The rabbis found their purpose, the wisdom they had sought, It sang of endless learning, of truths yet to be found, In the Pilpul Niggun’s melodies, knowledge did abound.

So let us cherish this legacy, this timeless Niggun’s grace, The Pilpul’s intellectual dance, in every sacred place, For in the questions we explore, the answers may unfurl, And in the Pilpul Niggun’s tune, we find the wisdom of the world.

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