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Thinking about getting back into Judaism after a long time…

I have been on a long up and down spiritual journey starting in college. I was raised Christian, but left that in high school. Spent about a year in college studying and practicing Judaism (attended Synagogue, read Torah and Talmud commentaries, learned to read hebrew and almost started c- process), but then ultimately went to Buddhism where I stayed for over 10 years. Since that time I have explored Hinduism (Vaishnavism and Vedanta) as well as Sikhi. Nothing seems to really fill my spiritual yearning for very long and I have been thinking of trying Judaism again for a couple reasons. Mainly, when I think of my relationship with God it was the strongest when I was practicing Judaism, although I question if that was simply because my age and circumstances in college. I also did a genetics test and came predominantly Jewish which seems insane to me given my history and current spiritual crisis. Judaism still fascinates me and it seems to maybe fill the things I am looking for which are:

What am I looking for in a religion?

Relationship with the divine: I believe that God speaks and acts through prophets and enlightened beings, but the object of worship/devotion/prayer should be to God, not to those enlightened humans, or to objects, or images. I view the divine to be formless, all-encompassing and present within all of creation.

Connection to the divine: Through reading of holy texts, prayer and meditation.

The emphasis of religion: The emphasis should be on how to live the day-to-day life in how you treat others and act.

Problems with some other religions…

Christianity – emphasis on worship of J- and on the final judgement.

Hinduism (Vaishnavism) – emphasis on Krishna and multiple avatars, rather than the supreme.

Vedanta – emphasis on realizing the ultimate truth. Little room for day-to-day practical teachings and worship of God.

Buddhism – Same problems as with Vedanta.

Sikhi – Emphasis on Khalsa way of life. Holy text is inspiring for worship but lacking on day-to-day living practically – like stories and examples.

So just wanted to get some advice from practicing Jews on whether they think it sounds like maybe I will find what I am looking for in Judaism (reform and mystical is what I am thinking) and some places to start.

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