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Thinking about convertion

Hello all,

I’ve been considering converting to Judaism. I’ve been interested in it for many years (along with many other religions in general, because I wasn’t raised with any religion other than going to Catholic school for middle school). I’ve always felt intense compassion for people who have been persecuted by society, the main reason that I am a transgender woman. My maternal grandmother was Polish, her parents were immigrants. I never knew her but I recently found out that on the list of Holocaust survivors there was a woman with the same last name as my grandmother (Dobosz). She was raised Catholic from my understanding, but perhaps somewhere down the line of her family (which traces to Austria and Lithuania) somebody converted. There were also victims with the same last name in the Warsaw ghettos. I also learned that my paternal great great grandmother was a German Canadian. Her last name I believe was Heinlein (I’d have to get from my cousin). I have very curly hair, and in high school I used to get bullied and got asked everyday if I was Jewish, and I even had anti-Semetic slurs thrown at me. I got tired of being constantly asked if I was Jewish over my appearance and old stereotypes, so I eventually would just say yes and people left me alone. feel a strong pull, an undying need to be surrounded by Jewish culture and the religion that I can not shake. I don’t really know where to start, other than reading the Hebrew Bible, which I downloaded onto my Kindle. I don’t really know the first thing about religion. Thank you all.

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