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Thinking about converting but not sure if I’m committed enough?

I have a meeting with a Rabbi tomorrow about converting, I’ve felt drawn towards Judaism for a while but recently I’ve been actively reading and learning more about it, and I feel so at home with some of the core values and beliefs of the faith in a way that I never felt in my childhood being raised Catholic. I feel a strong connection to the ideas of kindness and social justice, studying and debating texts as opposed to just reading them, and questioning things to get closer to God.

It’s just that I feel so drawn to the moral and spiritual beliefs of Judaism but I don’t feel the same draw toward ritual life. I have to admit, some of that is just me being nervous to enter a new community – I’m autistic and tend to get overwhelmed meeting new people and maintaining new relationships and while I’d love to be an active member of a Jewish community it would be a bit of a challenge for me to feel comfortable reaching out to new people.

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