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Thinking about attending Shul for the first time. I have a few questions

Hi all, first time posting here

I’m ex-Anglo-Catholic who lost faith, but I’ve been considering converting for years, and after coming to terms with it again I took the jump and contacted a Reform (but more traditional, good mix of Hebrew and English, most cover their head etc) synagogue, and have a meeting with a cantor lined up for January to look into their geirut program. I passed the security vetting and am on the list to attend services there and am really wanting to see how I go. However, I’m kinda nervous about it. I’ve watched their online shabbat services and have a general idea of how the service itself works, but I’ve got some questions

Should I email them first saying I’m planning on attending this weekend, or just sort of turn up?

I’m assuming there’s a dress code I should be adhering to, but I don’t have many nice clothes. Would jeans, sensible shoes and a decent polo top or long sleeve button up shirt be appropriate?

When I was xtian and “shopping” for a church, I’d usually end up paired up with someone there who would explain the services to me. I’m assuming something similar will happen here?

Will I, as a Gentile, be expected to wear a kippah? If I don’t own one, will one likely be supplied for use on the day (COVID in mind)?

And would it be more appropriate for me to attend the Friday night or Saturday morning service? Or does it not really matter?

Thanks a lot to anyone who answers : )

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