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Theoretical lineages of Job’s Daughters?

I find the lineages interesting, and am of the mind against the fully allegorical concept many have of Job.

His name appearing prior and him being among the patriarchs along with named people (such as a Temanite) makes a lot of sense.

I’m often fascinated by the concepts I’ve found in Jewish attempts to trace similar things. Like the concept of Esau – Edom – Odin for extra-biblical consideration.

It seeks the only named heirs of Job are his Daughters specifically mentioned as receiving male-level inheritance.

I imagine somewhere there is likely an “Easter egg” of these three names, but between many translations and the tendency of certain names to morph (Esau – Edom for instance). I wonder if anyone has posited any theories of these names appearing as people’s, or perhaps, being women hyphenated peoples later.

If there are any logical name derivatives

of Jemimah, the second Keziah and the third Keren-Happuch.

Especially if not well translated in some case being not noticed so easily? Etc. I’ve seen variations and debates of their name and translations making it even harder (such as Dove vs Day) etc.

Figure maybe someone here is into that stuff?

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