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the world to come

do parents go to the world to come if they dont admit they were abusive? can i ask G-d to forgive them if they wont say they are sorry for it themselves, if it was me they did it to? maybe if i tell G-d i dont mind what they did back then, he would make an exception for my mom and dad and they would not end up in gehenna, is there a loophole, maybe i could ask G-d to take some of my blessings and give it to them instead? does it work like that? i know my brother will go for sure, but its my parents i worry about and it keeps me up sometimes (they are still nice to my brother it was only me they had a hard time with) they dont even know im not a “messianic jew” anymore, and i want to convince them to repent, but they wont talk to me and i think they figured out that i have a different religion than them now

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