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The weird in-between of conversion, and how to handle it

So, I’m not too far into my conversion. I started studying with my rabbi in August and filled out her official application paperwork in November, and my conversion won’t be complete until at least this November (possibly as late as next May). I know that the people in my Jewish community do not consider me to be Jewish because well, I’m not yet. I’m on my way but the mikveh is still a long way off, and my practice is nowhere near what it’ll need to be. My goyische friends, however, all consider me to be Jewish now. We’ve talked about my conversion a few times, and every time they insist that I am Jewish since I’m committed to converting and practicing. And I always clarify that I’m not yet Jewish, but they insist, and I drop it because I know they won’t listen and they don’t really care what’s technically or actually true here.

Has anyone else had this experience? How did you handle it? I’m at kind of a loss on what to do or say because I know that I’m not Jewish yet, and that I won’t be until the beit din and mikveh. I just don’t know what to tell my friends without getting into all those details (I guarantee they won’t listen to or care about them). Do I stop trying to clarify, or is it still worth doing until I’ve finished my conversion?

EDIT: Realized this is Shabbat so I’ll probably re-post on Sunday for some more perspectives

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