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The TiK ToK pov’s about the Holocaust don’t do anything to help. Though they could if they change the entire format and focused on quick facts.

Haaretz or at least this opinion piece believes these cringy videos do anything to help with holocaust memory. I’ll admit I’m a ger im not Ashkenazi so it probably affects Ashkenazi more. However I think this is extremely counter productive, it’s essentially just giving those people at /pol/ crates of ammunition. These videos are like a reverse lend lease act we are not the grand arsenal of democracy we’re arming our enemies.

I don’t want to just moan and groan though I believe there’s better things they could do. I don’t use tik tok and I never will. Though I know the videos are short. I believe a better thing to do is take common holocaust denial phrases and talking points and refute them. It’s actually quite easy.

Imagine a video with text saying “There was a pool in Auschwitz” And a person quickly saying “Auschwitz was actually 40 camps not just one and the holocaust mainly occurred in camp 1 and 2. there was a pool for guards, guess which two camps didn’t have pools?”

Or how about another one where the text in the beginning says “The gas chamber doors were wooden and were actually air raid shelters.” The person says “Well this is untrue, Originally, Crema 1 was equipped with two (later three) cremation ovens with a morgue room behind them. In late 1941, the Nazis sealed up the morgue room in Crema 1 and punched five holes in the roof. The holes were capped with small chimneys through which the Zyklon-B was dropped. A large fan was also installed and the door was made gas tight. The doors were metal and had peepholes to track the progress of killing, the doors only opened from the outside and opened outward never inward. It’s also noteworthy that in the Nuremberg trials no one pled not guilty because nothing happened but because they were just following orders.”

Just take common talking points of theirs and refute them quickly and easily. It’d do more good then whatever they think they’re doing on tik tok. They’re hurting holocaust memory for likes and nothing else. They could at least do this and do some good.

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