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The Soul and the Physical Body

An interesting idea about the spirit world, from nothing but a brain, skull, and visual system intertwined with the past and present, but not the future (as are you all):

The human body and brain are MACHINES. They are guided by free will. The totality of the possible paths available to free will is truly mind blowing. There is no way the spirit world can pick your fate.

The spirit world is nothing but a sad state, a confluence of light and gravity (no atoms) in a dream like trance. It’s hardly a good place to be, and dominated by the will of a few great spirits who resonate most with the living.

The physical body guides your path. It has the ability through choice to sever ties to the spirit world…or create them. Any human can find a way to avoid total damnation, even if it could help in some other way. Any human can avoid the dream state.

All for one, and one for all.

All the best, and happy Purim.

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