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The Pope and the Holocaust.

I’m of the opinion that the Vatican did not do enough to help the Jewish people during the Nazi rule. However, when out of curiosity I used the archives of the Jewish Telegraph Agency (which btw a very fascinating search, as you can go back to the night of the broken glass for example, and read how did the world and people react in the following day. Something about reading it that makes it even more powerful, instead of just reading a history book about it). Anyway, I searched Pope/Vatican and I got plenty of results that seemed odd to me and in a way challenge my view.

I’m interested to know from those who know more, how do we interpret such reports?

Example of those reports are

Title:Jews Mourn Loss of Champion of Human Rights, Foe of Racialism Link:

Title: Pope Condemns Anti-semitism; Sees Christians “spiritual Semites” Link:

Title: Pope Names Jew to Vatican Post As Italian Anti-semitic Laws Take Effect Link:

Title: Pope Hit at Persecution of Jews in Vatican Talk with Nazi Leader Link:

When reading those reports and more, I’m confused at how did I and many ends up believing the Pope and the Vatican were complicit in the Holocaust and the persecution of the Jewish people at the time?

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