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The POLIN Museum

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know something that I found super cool.

So The Polin Museum (a Museum in Poland about Polish Jews if you didn’t know already) does this thing that I am actually starting the process of. It’s a genealogy search throughout all of Poland if you have any Polish Jewish ancestors and want to research more about them or their birth certificates and passports got lost they do a whole genealogy service (It’s free for Holocaust Survivors) but you can also use it if your ancestors were living in the now Poland part of Austria before Poland the country was founded.

I haven’t received any notice about what they’ve found so far but I’m super hopeful to find my great-grandfather’s records considering all we have are court orders for child support/alimony. But maybe it could even turn into getting Polish citizenship by descent.

I’ll update this when I get anything back but wanted to make sure other Polish Jews knew about this program <3

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