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The part of Moon Knight I liked

Moon Knight isn’t my favorite marvel character at all. That honor goes to somebody “with more legs”, if I’m honest.
However, I watched the series and I was delighted. Mainly because the character(s) lose a close family member and there’s a Shiva minyan. In fact there are two Shivas over the course of the story and second is particularly impactful. In my history of reading comics, Judaism isn’t overtly mentioned in the same breath as cosmic forces hellbent on destruction of the Earth and people who fly around and make snarky comments. I know that Moon Knight as a character is the son of a Rabbi and to be honest, I didn’t read the series back in the day. To the best of my knowledge the only other Jewish super hero (at least in Marvel comics) was Ben Grimm AKA “The Thing” of Fantastic Four fame and the character only mentions it in passing. On Moon Knight however, we get a chance to see an actual Jewish tradition as it would be in real life. The best part of it all? It’s hum drum. Ordinary. “Nothing to see here, move along.” From my perspective, that’s amazing. You don’t need to stand on a soap box and shout to the heavens.

Frankly I feel like I’ve been seen.

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