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the panic is back

i don’t know what to do. i’m living in utah currently and i just saw 3 videos about the new encampments on the UofU campus 20 minutes from my apartment. i thought for 5 minutes this state would be a little better, i thought that it would be okay, i had finally felt like i was breathing again and then i see all of this. the same statements recycled about colonialism and being on the right side of history. these students almost looked excited to be apart of this? this isn’t new i know it isn’t new, i know this has been a problem for many campuses across many states but this is less than 20 minutes from my home. i feel all the betrayal and heartbreak all over again. i don’t know how to cope anymore, i don’t know where to go with this. i miss my jewish community, i miss israel. i just want this to stop, i am hurting so badly.

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