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The movie Scarface was anti-semetic

For some reason I seem to be the only person in the world to point this out (I couldn’t find anything online about it), but Scarface (the most famous version with Al Pacino) has some of the most blatant anti-semetic undertones in it.

The screenplay was by Oliver Stone who has been accused of anti-semetic comments a number of times (and his father was Jewish ironically).

In the movie, there are only two blatant Jewish characters, and both are prominent characters : 1) Tony’s drug boss “Frank Lopez” who wears a giant Chai necklace and even speaks some Yiddish, and 2) the crooked cop Mel Bernstein.

Interestingly these two Jewish characters are the most despicable characters in the movie. Lopez betrays Al Pacino’s character and tries to have him killed after saying he was his friend) and then begs “like a cockroach” for his life in a pathetic, cowardly fashion.

And Bernstein is a greedy, sleezy, crooked police chief. Both use their power to get what they want and have no ethics or loyalty.

It seems Oliver Stone made sure he subtly put his hate for Jews into the screenplay, but no one seemed to have pick up on it, but millions of people who saw the movie have subconsciously picked up on it I’m sure.

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