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The london imperial war museum holocaust exhibition

Hi, Recently I visited the imperial war museum with my husband, who appreciates military history and machines. Personally it’s not my thing, but while there we also went into the holocaust exhibition.

I’ve seen it before, and was previously impressed, and this time around the current context gave it a different impact.

However, I felt kind of weird that absolutely NOTHING was mentioned about the state of Israel in the aftermath.

On one hand, you could argue that it isn’t a necessary part of the exhibition. That the exhibition is about the holocaust and not Jewish history, and there’s no reason to display 70 years of international Jewry in a war museum educating about the holocaust.

However, if I’m not mistaken, the first room displays what life was like for Eastern European Jews prior to 1933… If I was learning about this for the first time, I’d expect to finish with a – what happened next – of the survivors.

Can anyone either shine a light on the exhibition, if they have any more information about it or alternatively offer their opinion?

I really want to remain neutral and critical here and not be lead by bias.

N.b. if you are in London, I would encourage a visit. Although I’ve had holocaust education my whole life, and didn’t have the energy for the emotional involvement visiting demanded of me, I felt that it is important to frequent, if the museum is incentivised to maintain the exhibition, more visitors will walk through by chance and be educated too.

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