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The Logos of Philo of Alexandria and Judaism.

Those who know about Philo of Alexandria, likely know about his writings regarding what is called the Logos. It is believed that his writings influenced, if not made possible, the rise of Christianity with its believe that Jesus is the Logos.

Philo of Alexandria described the Logos as “the first born son”, “the first of creation”, and other terms that were used later by early Christians.

My question is, what is the Jewish opinion (or opinions, let’s face it, it is Judaism, there cannot be one opinion lol), of Philo’s interpretation of the Scriptures? Is he the first to come up with such ideas or was this something more popular among Hellenistic Jews? Does the concept of the Logos being a seper entity fit with traditional Judaism and monotheism?

Personally, I don’t really see where would Philo come up with such concepts as the Logos being the first born son, or it being a seperate entity from the Scriptures. To me it looks that there is pretty weak association between his views and the verses he used to inset the Logos in. It is like the Christian interpretation of the Bible, it points out a few verses scattered here and there to paint a picture that Jesus was the Messiah, while upon further reading, it becomes clear that none of the verses apply to their religion.


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